Who is the Holy Spirit? How much are you familiar with the Holy Spirit? What are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirt and how can we benefit from them? If you are puzzled by these questions or if you simply would like to explore a bit more your faith, Fr Marco invites you over this time of Easter to join on a course of seven weeks in preparation for Pentecost. Everyone is welcome. Coffee and tea and light refreshments will be provided before each session.

Session times: Thursday or Friday (as below) from 7pm to 8.30pm in Holy Family’s Parish Room.


Session 1 – Thu 4th April, Introduction and The Gift of Wisdom - click here to see slideshow.

 Session 2 – Thu 18th April, The Gift of Understanding - click here to see slideshow.

Session 3 – Thu 25th April, The Gift of Counsel - click here to see slideshow.

Session 4 – Thu 2nd May The Gift of Fortitude - click here to see slideshow

Session 5 – Fri 3rd May, The Gift of Knowledge

Session 6 – Wed 8th May, The Gift of Piety

Session 7 – Thu 9th May, The Gift of the Fear of the Lord