Are you interested in taking action to help others?

If so, why not join the Justice and Peace group, here at Our Lady's Church, where we try to help, for example, those who are wrongfully imprisoned and/or tortured, those who are starving, those who do not have clean water, children with no school to go to, those who are the victims of climate change and others whose human rights are not respected.

We have links with the following organisations:-


Action By Christians Against Torture

Green Christian

National Justice and Peace network

Diocese of Westminster Justice and Peace Commission

Local Fairtrade Movement

Pax Christi


Recently, we have, amongst other things, organised a talk, about aid work in Brazil, a charity concert and a Greetings Card campaign, on behalf of Prisoners of Conscience.

If you would like to join us and become involved in our activities, please contact John Fogarty, when we would be delighted to hear from you.